There are several resources available to learn from. The first would be the getting started videos which can be accessed under Help?Getting Started Videos.

There is also online and offline help. When you hit the F1 key on the keyboard you’ll be prompted to choose between online and offline help. Choose online. This will send your web browser to the online user’s guide. The great thing about the online user’s guide is that it facilitates “contextual” help. If you hover over any tool or menu item in the program it will automatically open up the user’s guide to the entry for that tool or menu item. This is indispensable when learning to use the program.

You can notice as well that when you are using any tool the software tells you in the lower left hand corner what the next step is. For instance when the line tool is active you’ll notice it says in the lower left hand corner “Click the first point of the line”. This makes understanding the more complex tools much easier.

One of the best resources we have is our forums at . Our user community there is extremely supportive and always helping each other with questions and projects. We highly recommend you start an account there so you can pose questions to the other members of the forum (and help out the newbies once you get good with the software).

We also have different training programs and training modules for sale as well that can be viewed at