CADsymbols increases your productivity with over 30 million standard parts, symbol drawings, and models for architectural, mechanical, electronic, and electrical drafting and design.

Here are the steps below need to be performed for the installation:

1.Right-click on the setup file(.exe) of CADsymbols and Run it as administrator. The installation wizard window will appear. Click on NEXT.

2. In the next window, you can change the destination folder according to your need by clicking on "Change..." and then click on NEXT

3. After that, it will extract the files. 

4. A pop-up will appear for the selection of the language for the installation.

5. The installation wizard window will again appear. Click on NEXT.

6.The next window will be the License agreement, Choose the radio button “I accept the term in the license agreement” and click on NEXT.

7. After that, you are required to input the customer information.
Here you need to enter
  •Serial Number
  •For whom the application should be installed, choose the appropriate radio-button suitable to you.

After entering the required information, click on NEXT.

8. In the next window, you can change the destination folder according to your need by clicking on "Change..." and then click on NEXT.

9. Click on INSTALL to continue installation.

11. The installation progress window will appear. You can click on Cancel anytime during installation to cancel the installation process.

11. When the installation is completed, installation success message “Installation wizard completed” will appear, you need to click on FINISH

You can also view the readme file by checking the check-box "Show the readme file".

After the complete installation, the shortcut of CADsymbols will appear on the Desktop and you can access it from there. 

How to insert CADSymbols into TurboCAD Drawing?
Please find the video attached. To insert symbols from CADSymbols Application into your TurboCAD drawing, please follow the below steps:

1) Run the CADSymbols Application. You can find its icon on your desktop 

2) Select the CAD Software (TurboCAD in this case) from Target, and select the TurboCAD version that you have installed on your system. As in the video, I have installed TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017, which is both 2D and 3D. So, if I select 2D symbols, then I will be selecting TurboCAD 2017 2D in the target. If I am selecting any 3D symbol, then I will be selecting TurboCAD 2017 3D in the target.

3) Once, you set the target and chosen the symbol from the library below, you would click on  Output Button next to Target drop-down.

4) As soon as the Output button is clicked, it will ask you to start TurboCAD. Now, you will run the TurboCAD software and open a new drawing.

5) Again, click on Output button, and now it will take you to the new drawing you have opened up in TurboCAD.

6) Clicking anywhere in the drawing space will insert the symbol into the drawing.

Please Note:
                   i) If you unable to see 3D CAD options in the Target list, click on the leftmost icon on the toolbar, just below File menu.
                   ii) Sometimes, clicking on Output button might not take you to the TurboCAD new drawing page if the TurboCAD is already running. You will have to close it, and click on Output button, and run the TurboCAD application again, opening a new drawing. And then, you will click on Output button again, now it will take you the newly created TurboCAD drawing.