TurboFloorPlan Installation (Mac version)-  Follow the steps mentioned below to install TurboFloorPlan on your MAC systems. 

  1. Click on the setup file (.dmg). First installation dialog box will appear. Click on the box image and Installation wizard will appear (as shown in step 2).
  2. The installation wizard will open with the Introduction. Click Continue to next page.
  3. After introduction, License appears. Click Continue to accept the license. It will ask you for Agree/Disagree option. Click Agree for successful installation.
  4. As soon as you accept the license agreement, Installation Type details will be displayed. You can choose to change the installation path by clicking Change Install Location button. As soon as you click on this button, Destination Select section will appear for you to select the drive/folder where you want to install the application. If you don’t’ want to change the location, simply click on Install button to begin the installation.

  5. Destination Select- select the disk where you want to install the application.

  6. Once you have defined the installation path, It will ask for permission of the system for installation on the selected path of your disk. Ener the Username and your system’s password. Click Install Software.

  7. As soon as you click on Install/Install Software button, installation will begin. You can see the installation progress while it is copying files to your system.

  8. Once the installation is completed, it will display the message of successful installation. Click close to finish the process.

  9. Once the installation is finished. You can access TurboFlrooPlan from Applications. When you run it,  It will ask you to purchase and activate or keep running the trial version. If you have not purchased the software, you can simply click Close button and keep it running for free for 15 days.

  10. If you have purchased the software and you have a valid serial key, then click Purchase or Activate button (in step 9) and enter your Serial key. Click Continue.

  11. After entering your Serial key, you have to activate it using your activation code. Click Activate Now to activate or Close to activate later.  
  12. Once you click on Activate Now button, TurboFloorPlan License Manager will open. Enter your purchased Serial key and activation key (provided to you via email along with Serial Key). If you have the Activation code, input it. In other cases, you can request for online activation or you can request IMSI support at support@imsidesign.com. You are supposed to provide your Serial key when you request for activation code. Click Continue.

  13. Upon entering the valid activation key, a message will appear for the successful installation. Click OK.

  14. After successful installation, license manager will direct you to restart TurboFoorPlan. Click Close to close this message window.