Please find links below to the TurboCAD Mac 1359 build for Pro, Deluxe, and Designer versions which are compatible with the new High Sierra Operating System.

TurboCAD Mac Pro        

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe  

TurboCAD Mac Designer 10

1.  Click the appropriate link to download the installer
2.  Double-click the DMG file to launch installer which may be in your Download folder
3.  Right-click (control/button) on the TurboCAD pkg icon that is displayed to open.  
4.  The app must be installed on the startup disk.
5. To Clear previous registration:
     TurboCAD Mac Pro : Delete the  HardDiskName/Library/Application Support/IMSI/TurboCAD v10/.tcpreginfo file.
     TurboCAD Mac Deluxe : Delete the  HardDiskName/Library/Application Support/IMSI/TurboCAD v10/.tcdreginfo file.
     TurboCAD Mac Designer : Delete the  HardDiskName/Library/Application Support/IMSI/TurboCAD v10/.tcrreginfo file.

NOTE: Users who have purchased the TurboCAD v10 from Mac App Store will need a serial number to activate the product. For the key, please share your product invoice to, so we can help you out.