When you use the Cabinet icon (Floor Tab), you have two options to place the cabinets:

- If you place the cabinet by clicking on the floor of the room, the program will set an island cabinet.

- If you place the cabinet by clicking on the wall of the room (on the axis / center of the wall, not on the surface of the wall) , the program will set a wall cabinet using the selected model => See attached.

Notice that, as is stated in the in the User's Guide, you can use the Drag Along Wall method to place your cabinets.

Tip 1: Once you place the cabinet on the wall, you can select it and change the model / dimension.

Tip 2: More about adding cabinets => User's Guide => page 140.

Tip 3: More about Drag Along Wall => User's Guide => page 51.

Tip 4: when you pass the mouse over a tool, a tooltip appears with instructions and tips related with the tool, as you can see in the image attached.

Tip 5: You don't need to start a new session => just select the extra cabinet => use the Delete key in your keyboard.

Hope this helps.